Program Curricula

Program Curricula

Expose them and they will learn

V-ELMS presents programs with unique perspectives and workshops with practical applications at our monthly events.

These face-to-face connections between Mentee/Mentor teams will incorporate the proven Lyceum Model and Value Added proven models to educate.

V-ELMS Lyceum Model

In addition to providing services to individuals in terms of identifying appropriate resources, V-ELMS will implement aspects of the Lyceum Model - i.e. a public lecture each month that focuses on a relevant topic.

V-ELMS Value Added

Value-added refers to the enhancement of the knowledge, skills and abilities of students, along with empowering them to be critical, reflective, and life-long learners.

A value-added approach is the best way to assess student learning, but education has not yet committed itself to developing reliable measures. V-ELMS will implement this enhancement in learning through our FREE monthly lecture/workshops.